Your Lawyer May Be Using Linux, Shouldn’t You? 2

I just finished reading this article “Lawyers Can Leave Windows For Linux OS (Ubuntu)” and thought it would be good to post.

Essentially the author lists the reasons why lawyers could (and possibly should) switch to Linux–especially Ubuntu. They list the facts that older versions of WordPerfect (commonly used by law firms) work, the cost is non-existent (at least not the calculated cost of learning a new OS), and the need for antimalware is non-existent also. Then the author points out the various apps that are available to you.

Ubuntu is the preferred operating system, mainly because of it’s use of Sudo (“su” do) which makes logging out of your basic user and into the root account almost unnecessary. This is a good point, since it’s a bad idea to allow users to log in as root (mainly because they’ll stay logged in as root).

So, if Linux is good enough for your lawyer, then it’s definitely good enough for you. All of the benefits that are presented to the lawyers are applicable to you (with the possible exception of the case management benefits). And because you’ll be using it for more than just law-related items, there are more benefits to you.

So, you can check out Ubuntu at or it’s alternative versions Kubuntu, Edubuntu (for students), or Mythbuntu (Media Center alternative). There are others, but these are the main versions.

Have a great weekend:)

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