Windows 7 Taskbar. Good, Bad, or Ugly? 1

As I mentioned before, other reviewers have been harping on Microsoft about the taskbar in Windows 7.  Or as Microsoft calls it the “Superbar”.  The reviewers have said that it’s ugly or that it will confuse the users.  A few have called for Microsoft to completely redo it and go back to the old “classic” look.

I don’t agree.  Not one bit… Not at all..

Here’s a picture of the taskbar. 


The only, I repeat ONLY thing that I can honestly agree with is that it looks like the Mac Dock.  You don’t have the titles in the taskbar anymore.  Just icons for the programs that are open or pinned (quick launch).

You’re probably looking at this and saying “How do I know what’s open or what’s going on?”

Here’s a picture that shows the same taskbar with certain things highlighted for you…


As you can see, the icons with rectangles around them are open.  The icon with the green glowing through it is actively doing something.  And the icons that don’t have any rectangles are the pinned (quick launch) items.  When you open a pinned item, it gets a rectangle.  When you close an unpinned item, it disappears.

One more thing to show you is this.  If a program on the taskbar wants your attention, it’s highlighted in gold.  Look at the icon on the far right in this next picture for an example.  It doesn’t matter WHAT the program is (Windows Error Reporting, UAC request, or a program itself).


One more image for you is the “systray” on the right hand side.  While I wasn’t able to capture it, the hidden icons appear in a pop-up box above the systray.  The little rectangle on the far right (next to the clock) is the Aero Peek/ Minimize all (Show Desktop) button.  Hovering over it causes the windows to disappear except for their outlines.  Clicking it minimizes all of the windows and brings up your desktop.


Don’t take my word for this though.  If you’ve got a computer that you can test Windows 7 on, go to Microsoft’s website and download it.  Let me know what your feelings and issues are.  If you don’t want to sacrifice your computer, you can always run it in Virtual PC or VMWare (although you most likely won’t see the Aero Glass look).

Have a great day:)


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