Windows 7 Features – Mouse and Keyboard shortcuts and tricks

Microsoft added some interesting features or “bling” to Windows 7 in mouse actions and in keyboard shortcuts.  This includes the Aero Peek—although that’s actually a button in the taskbar.

Have you ever been in the position where you needed to compare two documents or work on two items side-by-side?  And you had to move the windows to each side and resize them so you can see them both?  There have been third party applications that attempted to solve this for you in the past.  Microsoft added this, amongst a few other functions into the User Interface.

So, here we go.  This is the list of things that you can do with Windows 7 either by using the mouse or the keyboard.  By all means this list is not complete, and I will update it as I learn of more things.

ActionKeyboard ShortcutMouse Shortcut
Maximize WIndowWindows key + up ArrowDrag the title bar to the top of the screen
Minimize WindowWindows Key + Down Arrow None*
Minimize All but current WindowWindows Key + Home KeyShake the window side to side (Aero Shake)
Enlarge on Right half of screenWindows Key + Right ArrowDrag the title bar to the right edge
Enlarge on Left Half of ScreenWindows Key + Left ArrowDrag the title bar to the left edge
Show Thumbnail above TaskbarWindows Key + THover over the icon for the open program
“Aero Peek”Windows Key + SpacebarHover mouse in the far right of the taskbar (next to the Systray)


For clarification, the “Windows Key” is the key between your CTRL and ALT keys on the left side (desktop) and possibly in the upper right hand corner on a laptop.  It may say “Start” or just show the flying Windows emblem.

Some other common Windows key combinations include the following:

ActionWindows Key +
Minimize WindowsWindows Key + M
Show Desktop/Restore windowsWindows Key + D
Show System PropertiesWindows Key + Pause
Run…….Windows Key + R
Open Windows ExplorerWindows Key + E
Tab between WindowsAlt + Tab (Windows + Tab for Aero-style)
Open Mobility Center (laptops)Windows Key + X
Lock your ComputerWindows Key + L
Zoom in or outWindows Key + + (Plus) to zoom in
Windows Key + – (minus) to zoom out


Here are the links for more information about the various key shortcuts (where I gathered the specific shortcuts)

Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7 (All of the shortcuts for Windows 7)

Something to note is that some of the “Common” shortcuts work in previous versions of Windows. And there are hacks available which will give you the Aero Shake on Windows Vista (although I don’t recommend using them and haven’t explored them).

Have a great day:)

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