When there’s Too much information on Social Networking

No, this isn’t an article about people telling graphic details about their lives (although that definitely fits the headline).  This is about posting that you’re going to be away from the house for a while, or other information like that.

On Facebook, you have the illusion of control over who sees your posts.  However a lot of people don’t bother to verify that the person they just added to their friends list is someone they know (or want to know).  And in some cases your most recent status update will show up regardless of your privacy settings.  So, if your most recent status message is “I’m going on vacation in Colorado for the next three weeks”, there’s a chance that someone will take advantage of that time.

On Twitter, it’s worse.  You have very little control over who sees your status messages. Yes, you can block people in general.  And yes, you can block specific people.  But, how many people actually check into their followers before adding them.  Even some of the technical pundits have to admit they don’t (hence the latest comments about auto-following and being victims of twitter-spam).  So, that tweet about going away for the weekend is literally going to be seen by millions of people.

I’m posting this because there have been articles online recently about victims of burglaries who found out that they were “cased” on social networking sites.  They had posted something on their myspace, facebook, or twitter account (or other SN sites).  Someone was monitoring for those type of posts, and struck while the victim was away.

This goes along well with not posting your personal information on those sites.  Especially if you are, or have, younger children.  This includes pictures of the children.  While I understand the desire to show off your kids to your friends, is it really worth the risk—regardless of how minor or minute that risk is?

Have a great day everyone:)

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