We have a new President….

This is going to be one of a few non-computer topics and hopefully the only political topic that I post on. I watched the Election coverage tonight, and watched President-elect Barack Obama’s victory speech with great anticipation.

There will be different opinions on what the most poignant and powerful part of his speech.  But, I think the beginning where he said “Americans who have sent a message to the World, that we have never been just a collection of individuals, or a collection of red States and blue States, we are, and always will be The United States of America.”  Another powerful point was when he said that he would listen to his opponents, even though they may not agree with his policies and acts. 

Today I felt that it would be more of the same.  I firmly believed that anyone who came out of Congress did not have the best interests of the People in mind.  Tonight, I’m not so sure.  After listening to Barack Obama’s victory speech, I firmly believe that he may have our best interests in mind.  But, time will tell.  I only hope that he proves me right.

We WILL come together to show the world why the United States has survived for 221 years.  And we WILL come together to take our place in the world.  Whether it be to lead the world into a new future, or to assist the leaders of the world in their path to the new future, we WILL come together to take our rightful place.

I only hope that we will regain our status in the world as a beacon of light, and a People that others want to be like.  And that we can re-earn the respect of the rest of the world that we seem to have lost in the past.

Have a wonderful night and I promise my next post will be techie related. 🙂


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