US-CERT Cyber Security Tip ST04-003 — Good Security Habits


US-CERT Cyber Security Tip ST04-003 — Good Security Habits

Hello everyone,

     This is the start of a multi-part series that I’m posting on Online Safety and Online Security.  All of the tips that I will be posting are located at the US-CERT website, and I highly recommend that you read the entire articles there.

    Today’s tip is about “Good Security Habits” which is a group of simple habits that we should all be doing.  When you’re a home-user, you don’t think that they apply to you– however they do, just as much as they apply to a user in a business or public location.

     The habits are to “Lock your computer when you’re going to be away from it”, “Disconnect your computer from the Internet when you’re not using it”, “Evaluate your security settings”, “Protect your computer against Power Surges”, and “Back up all of your data.”

     Of the habits, the one that I think needs a little more explaining outside of their article is “Evaluate your Security Settings”.  One adage from computer security is “The easier it is to use, the less secure it is.”  Basically this means, that as an end-user, if you make your system completely painless to use (automatic login, no passwords to remember, generic passwords like Jones for websites, etc), the easier it is for someone ELSE to get in and use your system.

     Also, you need to keep your computer updated, make sure your antivirus, antispyware, and firewall are all updated, and frequently you should re-evaluate how your security settings (along with features in programs that may make you less-secure). 

     My next Cyber Tip will be understanding your antivirus program.  As always, you can find these and other important security-related information at US-CERT.

Have a great weekend everyone:-)


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