Upgrading to Fedora 19

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Recently I wrote an article about installing Fedora 19 on a computer. This series of posts will cover the upgrading procedures for Fedora 19. Specifically, I’m going to cover upgrading a single-boot installation of Fedora 18 to Fedora 19 using fedup (the Fedora Updater), and upgrading both a dual-boot installation with Ubuntu–where both Fedora and Ubuntu handle the bootloader (two separate articles). In theory the installation should be the same either way. But in reality, depending on which operating system handles GRUB, there might be more steps involved.

Unlike the earlier installation guide, I won’t include screenshots in this guide. This is because most of the steps will be done through the command line, or through fedup. The command line (yum) will handle everything in the typical fashion that yum does things. FedUp may have GUI dialog boxes, but they probably won’t be as intensive as the full-installation is. If I find that they are, I’ll include some screenshots.

*** Originally I was going to show how to upgrading using yum, but in reading about the method, I found that the Fedora project doesn’t support it. If you absolutely must use yum to upgrade, here is the fedora document for that.

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