Too Good to be True—Probably Is 1

This post came to me because I noticed something interesting in my Junk mail.  A spam mail for Walmart (supposedly, but most likely not) that had “We want YOU: Walmart Workers 75/h Now.”  I don’t think Walmart pays their salaried people (except maybe at the Corporate offices) $75/h.  So, I thought “Why would they send this out, with such an outrageous salary listed?”  Then it occurred to me that someone clicked on it.  The old adage of “If they keep doing it, then obviously someone is falling for it.”

In these hard economic times, it’s easy to fall victim to something like that.  The hope for a payday or windfall tempts everyone.  In fact, just the hope for steady income tempts everyone (myself included).  The problem is the actual companies are not hiring like this (by sending out unsolicited e-mails).  And they definitely are not offering tons of money per hour. 

The point to this post is this.  If it sounds too good to be true (or sounds like it’s way more than you’d expect someone to make at the company) then it probably is.  It’s more than likely a scam.  They definitely will want your personal information, and maybe will want money.  Either way, you’re taking a chance that they aren’t going to steal your identity or rob you/kidnap you/kill you.  So, be careful.

If you are looking for work, check out the Regional Help Wanted site (, Monster (, CareerBuilder (, or Yahoo HotJobs ( You can also try looking on Twitter, but the same rule applies.  Some of the jobs there are too good to be true.

Have a great day:)

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  • Wachovia Crown Banking

    Harsh economic times also bring in huge opportunities for such people who do not mind giving false hope to people who really are in need of a job.