The latest word in Microsoft Betas

Hi everyone,
This week, Microsoft released the “Beta 2” versions for both Windows Vista and Office 2007. Office is a public beta now, and Vista will more then likely become one soon (you can subscribe to it at Microsoft’s TechNet Site). What does this mean to you? It means you can get a preview of what’s coming. And in some limited fashion, you are able to influence the final product.
Where can you find it? Well, Windows Vista is located at and the Office Beta is located at You’ll be able to get limited support in the Microsoft Public Newsgroups for Office. There are newsgroups for Vista as well. While the development teams don’t guarantee that they’ll monitor the public newsgroups constantly, the testers will. We’ll take your suggestions/issues and get them to the right people on the team. And when we have an answer for you, we’ll make sure you get it. This, and the submission of any error reports that you get, is how you’ll influence the final product.
Over the next few months, I’ll be posting screenshots and reviews from both Office 2007 and Vista. Some of the screenshots will probably be lower quality, as I’ll use a digital camera for them. But most of them will come directly from what I see– as I see it. And you’ll get to see that Microsoft really is up to something good.
Until next time, have a great weekend.

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