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The buzz in the blogosphere right now is about Windows 7.  Over the Christmas holiday week, a leaked copy of Build 7000 (supposedly “Beta 1”) surfaced.  People downloaded it, reviewers wrote their reviews based on it, and a bug was found that made a few people upset.

What I can tell you is this…  First, if you haven’t downloaded the leaked build, don’t.  In the next few weeks, Microsoft is going to put out a Public beta.  Whether it’s the same build that was leaked or a newer one isn’t the issue. The issue is that if you wait for the “Official” version, you’re guaranteed a pure copy of the beta.  And you’re not breaking any laws (or assisting in the breaking of those laws).  Fact of the matter is, whoever leaked the build (however they obtained it) violated the copyright laws and violated the EULA that they agreed to when they got it. 

I can also tell you that regardless of whether you download the leaked build, or wait until the real “Public” beta comes out, DO NOT install it on your main computer.  And make sure you back up your data before you install it on ANY computer that has data already on it.  Also make backups of anything that Windows 7 will touch (even if it’s on another computer).

The bug that people ran into has to do with Windows Media Player overwriting mp3’s and cutting out part of the music.  It doesn’t matter if the mp3 is on the drive that you install Windows 7 on, or even on the same computer.  If WMP updates the information on the mp3, it could potentially cut out the first few (up to 15 seconds so I’ve heard) seconds of the song.

From what the reviewers are saying, Windows 7 is going to be great.  It’s going to be what Vista should have been.  Time will tell, and so will the people who use it.  After the Public beta starts, feel free to drop by and leave comments on what you think about it.

Have a great day:)

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