The adventure continues (Days 3-5)

Hey everyone,
This is a post highlighting some of the things I’ve discovered this past weekend. I found a few programs that will accomplish my goal of ripping MY CD’s into mp3’s for my computer. K3b (KDE’s ripper), Grip (Gnome’s ripper) and RipperX are just a few of them. In the end, I downloaded K3b and RipperX, but I installed RipperX. It works like a charm.
One of the things that I’ve discovered is, you’ll need three or four separate programs in order to accomplish this. RipperX, LAME (for encoding mp3’s) a CD to wav converter, and cd-record (if you want to burn mp3’s back to CD). Whereas Windows versions of these programs will have everything built-in (for the most part), you have to install each component in order to make it work (on Linux). This is probably the only real drawback to Linux, that I can come up with (other then the lack of available main-stream software).
I’ve also found that I have more time on my hands. In one respect the “limits” of what I can don on Linux are good. Now, there are those who will look at this statement wrong. When I ran Windows XP, I would surf the net, download programs, sit and read my e-mails and my newsgroups. I would just ‘tinker’ around with things. Or, I would play “Return to Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory” online for hours on end. But, I would essentially “LIVE” in front of this computer. I can still surf the net, read my e-mails and newsgroups, download (but not necessarily install) programs on Linux. I can’t play Enemy Territory, which is one of the things I do miss. So, the “limit” is good. I’ve actually discovered that my Television in the other room works. I’ve actually sat and WATCHED the shows, instead of having them on for noise value (which I mainly did before). I’m just as likely to be sitting in my living room now, as the computer room.
Now, for those who are considering Linux (and I encourage everyone to try it out at least once), please understand one thing. Where I’ve talked (and will talk in the future) about limits, it’s not necessarily that the things aren’t out there. It’s more a fact that I haven’t taken the time (at this point) to discover them. You are only limited by your imagination. But, I’ll talk more about this in the next few posts.
For the people who think they can ‘rest easy’ using Linux, yes and no. I sit and read about the latest security issues with Internet Explorer, and think “Well, right now I don’t have to worry about that.” But, is that necessarily true? Firefox, Konqueror, Opera, Netscape, and any other browser could be vulnerable to some of the issues. Even on Linux. There are at least two (I’m sure more) worms that target Linux. You don’t have as many “Free” options for firewalls on Linux as you do Windows. Partially because Linux isn’t ‘mainstream’ yet. Partially because of the misconception that if you’re on Linux, you probably know how to program your own firewall. And, Linux is just as vulnerable to spyware/adware/malware as Windows. It may be harder to get it, but you still can. So, regardless of which OS you’re using, you still need to use common sense, and be careful.

Until later on, have a great day everyone.

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