Still looking for web hosts for my blog.

Just an update to say that I’m still looking at webhosts for my blog.  I’m debating between BlueHost and JustHost, although I’m open to anyone that will allow me to import my blogger (or wordpress) blog, and allow me to use my affiliation links.

The other issue that I have to consider is price.  In that respect, I’m leaning towards JustHost, because they have their 3 month and 6 month subscriptions.  Although if they don’t have the promotion going when I decide to buy one, I may lean towards a 1 year at Bluehost, as it’s the same cost as the 6 month at JustHost.

Another thing about JustHost that I like is this.  The first time you sign up for a subscription, you pay upfront.  Then when it comes time to renew, you pay month to month (even if you change your subscription time).  BlueHost is upfront for everything.

I’m open to any suggestions for hosting.  I’d prefer one that uses WordPress, although I could probably live with something else.  And if I’m able to create multiple pages, I may move my website(s) over there too.

Have a great day:)

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