Starting a new Term at CTU online

I was attending the University of Phoenix online, but decided to transfer over to Colorado Technical University Online instead.  Today was the first day of my classes there, and it seems like it will be similar to UOP. 

Why am I posting this today?  For two reasons.  1) to inspire people who may be considering online colleges.  and 2) because as I’m reading books for my courses, I’ll be recommending some of them to you.  I already do this on my LinkedIn profile and will be doing it here as well. 

Soon, I’ll post a topic on books that I recommend.  It will include some of the books that I’ve already had the pleasure of reading (yes it was a pleasant experience—albeit hurried) during my time at the University of Phoenix.  And it will be updated as I read books for CTU.

I will also provide links to the books on Amazon.  In the interest of full disclosure, the links will go through my affiliate ID.  While you don’t have to use my link, it will help to put a little extra change in my pocket.  And if you choose not to use my link to the book, I understand.  You’ll be able to search Amazon for the book by title and author.  I still recommend reading the books—even if you get them another way.

Have a great evening 🙂

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