Soon, an experiment in Linux.

Hi there everyone,

In the next few weeks (starting sometime in December), I’m going to experiment with Xandros Linux. There is a free version available that I’ve already installed on another hard drive. The main thing I’m waiting for is Kahuna (Hotmail’s new format) to be properly supported on Firefox. Since I’m a beta tester for it, and Microsoft no longer allows hotmail and MSN to be viewed inside of e-mail clients, I have to wait for support.
What I’ll probably do is start around December 10 – 15, and go until New Years Eve. Then, I’ll switch back, so I can beta test a few other applications (depending also on those betas). But, I’ll try to blog in here as much as I can about it. My experiences with Linux, and whatnot.
If anyone knows of a program designed for linux that will allow me to read my e-mails inside of Thunderbird, Evolution, or another e-mail client, that would be awesome. Then, I can start as soon as tomorrow. I’ve been looking, and there are a few potentials out there, but none that really strike my fancy. And, that’s about the only thing stopping me from doing this right now.
So, everyone… Keep an eye out. The installation went easy. I’ve got the Linux box set up as a dual boot with Windows Server 2003 R2 beta (which is RTM’ming anytime now). I’ve even got my MSN Messenger accounts set up in it, as well as my newsgroups for the betas. It’s just a matter of shutting the computer down, switching hard drives (mobile rack) and rebooting.

Have a great night everyone.

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