Some WPA2 Routers

Since the latest news is about the WPA encryption being cracked, I decided to look into some of the routers which are available to find the ones that support WPA2.  While some routers may not support WPA2, if they support WPA1 with AES instead of TKIP, that would work until you can get one that supports WPA2 (or until someone cracks the WPA-AES standard).

Either way, make sure you don’t use a weak password.  Also one thing that needs to be noted is this:  In order for WPA2 to work, your wireless router AND the adapter in the computer need to support it.

So here are the routers that I checked out, along with links to their pages.

WRT54G  (Only claims WPA but has WPA2 in data sheet)
According to Linksys support, almost all of their routers support the WPA2 standard.  Possibly their really old routers won’t support it, but any new ones do.  You may have to do a firmware upgrade, if the box or data sheet doesn’t specify it, so check their site to make sure before purchasing the router.


I sent an e-mail to D-Link for information about other routers that support WPA2.  When I get more information, I will post it here.

Wireless G Router
Wireless G+MIMO Router
Wireless N Router
Wireless N1 Router



Here is a quote from the Technical Support team at Netgear.  I emphasized part of it by putting it in bold/underline…

Netgear products that do not support WPA2
RP614V2, V3,WGU624,WGT634,WGR614,WPN824,MR814
How ever N standard routers are compatible with WPA2 but the wireless adapters should have latest drivers.

Network Everywhere (low-end brand from Wal-Mart)

This series of routers doesn’t support WPA or WPA2 (at least not the ones they show on their website).  So, I would stay away from these routers, unless you absolutely have to.

My list is by no means complete.  If you have a wireless router and it supports WPA2 encryption, and it’s not on my list, please leave a comment with the model number (and a link to it if possible).

Another thing I’ll note is that some built-in wireless antennas on laptops come with WPA2 support.  My low-end Toshiba Satellite A105 from Wal-Mart has this support built in.  So, in some cases you won’t need to purchase an adapter.  But if you enable WPA2 in your router, and the adapter won’t connect, PLEASE buy a new adapter.  The cost of the new adapter is minimal compared to the potential for someone to crack your keys because you opted for a less-secure method.

Have a wonderful night:)

*Edited on 11-9-08 to add Netgear’s response.

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