Some “Green” Programs and how they’ll help you.

Green is the “in thing”.  I’ve looked at tips to make your computer more environmentally friendly, and tips for your home.  Now, I’m going to look at some programs that you can run on your computer to help you out with this. 

I’ll post the name with a link to download the program and some information about it.  And if you know of more programs, please comment with them.  I’ll look into them and add them to the list.

GreenPrint –  GreenPrint analyzes your print jobs and allows you to delete the pages that either have less than 5 lines, are 95% (or thereabouts) blank, have only images, or that you select.  They calculate the paper saved in terms of $.10 per page (which would be the paper and ink saved).  This helps the environment by reducing the number of trees cut down for paper, and the number of print cartridges used.  You can also get a beta version for Mac, and possibly install it on Linux through Wine when they improve their .NET 2.0 capabilities.

CO2Saver –  This program by Snap Software allows you to configure your Power Management Settings to turn off your computer when it’s been idle for a period of time.  It uses the Hibernate Feature in Windows to do this.  Then, when you bring the computer out of standby, it caculates how much Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that you’ve saved, and shows the amount saved by all of the users of the program.  The program also includes a search box.

Edison –  Edison does the same thing as the other programs.  You configure it with the times that you use the computer the most, and the type of energy savings you want.  It manages your computer’s Power Settings and shows you how much you’ve saved.

Powerdown –  PowerDown can be used to automatically shut computers down or place them in a low-power state, and automatically restart them as needed or desired.  You can deploy it through Active Directory on corporate domains, and also use it at home.  Plus, it features a visible alert when it’s ready to shut down—which can be postponed if necessary.  It can also be configured through Group Policy (which Windows does not allow natively and most competing solutions don’t have).

E.P.A. EZ Wizard –  This program is hosted on the Environmental Protection Agency (US Govt)’s website.  It allows you to tweak your Power Management settings to make your computer usage more environmentally friendly.  You can reset your settings to their EnergyStar values.  This is probably more useful for corporate users, but is still a good idea to try if you’re a home user.

Google Energy Saving Gadget –  If you’re a user of Google Desktop, then this gadget is for you.  It allows you to tweak your computer and perform most of the features of the other programs listed.  And it sits in your sidebar, showing you how much energy you’ve saved.

Of all of these, I’ve used CO2Saver (and have it installed on my laptop), and GreenPrint.  I don’t have the Google Desktop installed, so I can’t use the Google Energy Saving Gadget.  I’m going to try out Edison for a while, and PowerDown for a while—just to see which one is better. 

Since I missed the last few days, I’m going to post another blog shortly.  It’s concerning Online Trading and how to do it safely.  Something that’s probably important now, more than ever before.

Have a wonderful night:)


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