Projects and Downloads

This page is where I’ll host my projects and any downloads that are available through my site.  Currently, I’m working on an updater for the Tunnelbroker IPv6 tunnel, and helping with enabling the Pinnacle PCTV 80e USB TV Tuner to work in the Linux Kernel (linuxtv).

All of my projects are copyrighted by me, except where I’ve worked on other people’s developments. Specifically the Linux kernel projects are copyrighted by others.  If there is no license file in the project, my default is the GPL or one of it’s derivatives (such as the LGPL). So, you can assume that the project is licensed under one of those. You SHOULD contact me to clarify before using the code though, just in case.

All documents are copyrighted by me, except where otherwise indicated. You are free to copy and distribute them, as long as you give credit where it’s due (whether that be to me or the copyright holder). In the case of items that I don’t own the copyright to, you’re bound by whatever terms the copyright holder requires, if you wish to distribute their materials.  If I’m not the copyright holder, I’ll do my best to point you to the appropriate terms.


TunnelBroker IPv6 Updater. I started this project a couple of years ago. Originally, my intent was to create a GUI using Java (for cross-platform capabilities), that would update the tunnel for you. I ran into issues with the threading, so I converted it to a python script (for now). This project will be divided up into two main categories (with two sub-categories each). GUI and CLI script. The sub-categories will be the latest version, and previous versions of each. Right now, I only have the CLI script written. The changelogs are included in the README File (along with any requirements).


Current version: none

Previous versions: none

Command Line Script (CLI)

Current version: Version 0.2-2012-10-23

Previous versions:

Version 0.1-2012-10-13


Tips and Tricks for Pseudocode These tips and tricks will give you a good start and a handy reference when you’re doing pseudocode.