Playing around with Fedora 11 KDE Edition

RedHat released their latest version of the Fedora Project’s Linux distro recently.  Release 11 comes in the typical Gnome desktop format and a KDE format for those who prefer it.  I like both Gnome and KDE, although I typically use KDE because it can be configured to look more like Windows.

I was trying to get an FTP Program to work, and decided to see if I could connect to a Fedora mirror.  Then I decided to download the latest version in the KDE format and try it out in a Virtual Machine.  Although I’m an Ubuntu fan more than anything, I cut my teeth on RedHat version 7.0.  And I’ve played around with the Fedora Project on occasion.

I’ll be running it inside of a VirtualBox virtual machine.  VirtualBox is Sun Microsystem’s addition to the virtual machine landscape.  As I discover new things about Fedora, I’ll create blog posts to let you know about them.  Although it may not be a regular series, I do intend to put Fedora 11 through it’s paces.

Have a great day:)

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