Patch Tuesday is tomorrow if you have a Windows-based computer

Just a reminder that Microsoft will be releasing two bulletins tomorrow.  One looks to affect the XML Core Services that both Windows and Office use.  The other is an issue with Windows, but isn’t clear yet.  So, we’ll have to see tomorrow for sure.

I’ll post an entry tomorrow when I’ve read the bulletin releases.  If you’re using Linux or Mac OS, you should be running your update program on a regular basis.  On my Ubuntu system, I’m running it about every two to three days.  Sometimes there are updates, and others there aren’t.

If you want to know whether you should update your Linux or Mac system, I recommend subscribing to’s security alerts.  They alert on a wide variety of programs (and some hardware) when a vulnerability is released. 

While at their site, you may want to check out their Personal Security Inspector (if you’re a Windows user).  It’s a nice program that checks the programs on your computer against their advisories.  It checks installed programs and other executable files in the installed folders.  If an issue is found, the PSI gives you assistance in how to correct it.

Have a great day:)


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