Password Manager Reviews—Whisper 32

Alright, so I’ve talked about Password Safe and KeyWallet.  Now I’m going to review Whisper 32.  This program seems more like the Password Manager inside of Firefox than anything else.  It’s a very basic format, where it shows the Service name (myspace for example), then the username, and finally the password.

One thing I didn’t like about Whisper 32 is that the password is shown by default, and the file is not password protected by default.  However the first time I reopened the file, it prompted me with the option to password protect the file.

You can change the setting to hide the password from the View menu.  Like in KeyWallet, double-clicking on the entry opens the Edit dialog box.  If you want to copy the username or password, you either have to right click on the entry and select it, or you have to highlight the entry and select the option from the Edit menu.

The program is a basic password manager as far as they go.  To add an entry, you either click the padlock button in the toolbar, or the Add Entry option in the Edit menu.  You can also use the Ins key to open the Add Entry box.  This opens a dialog box up which has your default username populated for you.  First you add the Service Provider’s name in it’s box, and set whether the password will expire or not.  If you have a password, you can type it into it’s appropriate box—otherwise click the Generate button.

Clicking the Generate button brings up another dialog box which contains all of the security options that you can set.  The options are “Can contain digits”, “Can contain Characters” (mixed case, lower case only, or upper case only), “can contain Symbols”, “Must start with a character”, “Must be limited to phone dial characters”, is generated with this mask (and has a default of cvcvcvc# in the box), finally must be between xx and xx characters (where xx can be configured by the user).  There is also a memo field for notes pertaining to the account.

One issue that I don’t like is that clicking the Help Contents (F1) menu fails to launch help.  I’m not sure if there’s something else that I needed to download, or if this is a shortcoming on Whisper 32’s part.

Whisper 32 is almost 5 years old, and in my opinion it’s showing its age.  While it can be configured to be secure, the default settings leave a lot to be desired.  This program would be one of my last resorts, if I needed a Password Manager program.

Tomorrow, I’ll review RoboForm.  It takes password management to a different level altogether.

Have a great day:)

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