Password Manager Reviews Part 1

Ok, so you’ve read the articles about how insecure the concept of “Secret questions” is.  And you want to know how to make a secure password, or where to store your passwords in a safe place.

So, let’s talk about Password Managers.  These programs are designed as a one-stop place to hold all of your passwords and make them easy for you to use when needed.  The theory is “Why remember 20 passwords, when you can remember one password and have access to 20 of them?”

There are a lot of managers out there.  Some are included as parts of suites like Symantec and McAfee provide.  Others are standalone programs—both free and shareware.

The ones that I’m reviewing are freeware programs.  RoboForm, Password Safe, Whisper 32, and KeyWallet.  If you’re a linux user, then KDE incorporates a password manager that’s similar in name to KeyWallet (if not in form and function).  The four that I’m reviewing are on Windows VIsta, but are usable on other versions of Windows, and possibly on Linux as well.

I’ll do this over 4 more parts, and will include some tips about what to look for in a password manager (both free and paid).

Tomorrow, I’m going to review RoboForm.

Have a great day:)


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