Online classes and opinions

I’m just touching base here, to say that I’m researching other ideas to discuss and working on some online course work.  So, I thought I’d bring that into the mix.

I’m currently attending the University of Phoenix Online, working towards my BS in Software Engineering and MS in Network Security or Network Systems (with an emphasis on Security).  It’s an interesting setup that they use.  And it gives you some valuable experiences.

The courses are 5 weeks long.  I don’t know how the Programming courses will fare out, but I can tell you that the other courses (General Skills, Business Systems, and Computer Information Systems) are heavy in research, discussion about current topics, and papers.  Every paper that you write in the classes has to follow the APA format.

One of the valuable experiences that you learn is how to work in teams.  In each class, you’re divided up into teams of 3 to 5 people.  This happens in the first week, and you have to complete a “Learning Team Charter” which lists contact information, strengths and weaknesses that you’re bringing to the table, goals, and how you’ll handle conflicts.  Then, you have the next 3 to 4 weeks to work on a Team Project.  This is in addition to the individual assignments/discussion.

I think it’s a valuable experience, because it puts you into situations where you’ll work with different people for a short time to accomplish a project.  Sometimes you have the same people on your team, but for the most part you’re meeting and working with new people.  And sometimes the teams don’t “mesh” well, but I have yet (in three classes) to see a team fail in the end.

So, let me know how you feel about Online education in general, University of Phoenix specifically, and the idea of Learning Teams.

Have a great day:)


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