Online backup storage systems.

This is part one in a series of posts about online backup systems.  I’m going to look at what’s available, how much they cost, what limits are put on the user, and methods of accessing the system (clients).  Also I’ll discuss the ease of use of each system.

The main systems that I’m going to look at are Mozy, G-Drive, Live Mesh, Skydrive, BackUPMAX, DropBox, and Amazon S3.  If I hear of any others while I’m creating this series, I’ll check into them as well.  Live Mesh and SkyDrive are both offered by Microsoft, so they may fall into one system.

The theory behind the systems is that instead of worrying about finding storage for your backups (and risking having the backups in the same location as the system being backed up), you’ll store the information online at their servers.  They’ll do the worrying about keeping copies of it safe and available for you.

One of the upsides for this is that you can store your most important information with little worry.  Another upside (and in one case a feature behind their system) is that you can use the backup storage as a form of version control.  You can upload the files from one computer, and be able to download, change, and re-upload them from other computers.

Some of the systems offer a small amount of storage for free (up to 2GB), where others charge you regardless.  And some of the systems mainly are geared for Windows, while a few are geared for the Macintosh systems as well.  One question that I’ll look at is “What happened to Linux?”

I know there are more systems out there besides the ones that I mentioned.  Feel free to comment with the names and links to some of your favorites, and I’ll look at them as well.  While I may not write about them this time, if they seem like a good fit I’ll write about them in a follow-up post.

First up will be Mozy…

Have a great day:)

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