My list of Top Applications for 2008

For my Computer course at the University of Phoenix, we created our top 5 applications for the year.  Part of the requirements were that we had to justify them.  I’m presenting my list here, along with a request for other people’s lists.  As new applications are pointed out to me, I’m planning on checking them out.  Who knows… Maybe I’ll have a new list in a few weeks.  So, without further ado, my list:

I’m more of a free and Open Source type of person.  But some of my top 5 are paid software.

Office 2007 -  If you’re new to Office, then this version is actually easier to use than the previous versions.  However if you’ve been using it for a while, there’s a learning curve to the ribbon.  But since Microsoft is dominating the market for Productivity Suites, you’ll want to use a program that’s compatible with their formats natively.

Open Office Org 3.0 – This does the same thing as Office (for the most part), but is free.  While it doesn’t natively support the Microsoft Office formats, it does a very good job of interpreting them.  And it comes with an HTML Editor, which is a decent alternative to the Microsoft offerings.

Avast Antivirus -  Mainly I like Avast because it’s free.  Their detection rate is on par with Norton and McAfee, and it’s not as much of a resource hog.  This combined with a good firewall, a good antispyware program, and safe surfing habits should get you through without having to spend a lot of money.  Along the lines of Avast, I also like AVG for the same reasons.

Comodo Pro Firewall -  I recently did a comparison of personal firewalls, and this was the top of the line free version.  It’s scores were in the 90% range on the tests, where Norton, Trend Micro, Zone Alarm, and even Sunbelt (my old favorite) were in the lower ranges.  One more thing I like about Comodo is that it brings in it’s own antispyware program.  The results and test data can be found at Don’t go for the Comodo Firewall Pro Plus version, as that’s their pay version. 

Firefox with NoScript -  Firefox is one of the three great browsers.  With No-Script, it’s a lot safer than even Internet Explorer.  As someone mentioned about cheat code sites, I’ve visited a few in the past, and no-script kept them from downloading anything on my computer.  Of course it also depends on the user to leave the scripts blocked.  Firefox also has add-ons for a lot of the things we do today.  Although it’s not very compatible with the UoP website.  If it’s a site that I’m not sure about or know is going to try and drop something, I use Firefox to surf there.

I’ve got a lot more favorites like Password Managers and such.  But these are the five that I use most of all.


Now that I’ve listed mine, let’s hear your lists.  Comment or e-mail me with them, and I’ll look into them and post about them.

Have a great day:)

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