My First Blog in Office 2007 Beta 2

My first blog in Office 2007 Beta 2….

Hello everyone,

As I mentioned in yesterday’s article, Microsoft has released their Beta 2 versions for both Windows Vista and Office 2007. Here is an example of one of the features that you’ll find in the Word 2007 version: the embedded ability to post your documents to a blog. In the past, you had to download an add-in for your specific blog site (for example had their add-in), or you had to download a generic add-in that worked with most of the sites. Now, you can choose the “Publish” option from the File menu on Word, and “Publish to a blog”.

As the time goes on, I’ll experiment with things like posting pictures to the blog (Screenshots of Vista and Office 2007 in action) and maybe even posting documents for download. And in a note of irony, I’ll even be blogging about Open Source and Linux using Word as my editor/publisher.

So until next time everyone, have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy the three-day weekend (for people in the US) and enjoy the two-day weekend for everyone else.


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