MS08-067: Not updating has created a monster botnet | Network Administrator |


MS08-067: Not updating has created a monster botnet | Network Administrator |

For those who are slow in updating, here’s a reason why you need to be more diligent about this.  Especially this specific update.  Why anyone would neglect to update their computers this long escapes me.

If you’re running a pirated copy of Windows XP (or ANY version of Windows for that matter) it’s time to grow up and get legal.  You’re half the problem right now.  Since your version is considered pirated, you can’t get the security updates.  So you’re at a greater risk of becoming infected and enabling botnets like this one.

I do realize that Microsoft has (and had) issues with their Activation and Genuine Advantage program.  If you’ve fallen victim to this, I hope you’re taking steps to resolve the issue with Microsoft.  And I’m not referring to you when I say “get legal”.  I understand that you have a genuine copy of Windows and are falling victim to a bug.  I’m talking to the ones who are downloading XP from bittorrent sites and from Limewire and other P2P applications.  I’m talking to those people who are thinking that they’re getting something for free (and sticking it to a monopolistic company like Microsoft).  Yep, you’re getting something for free alright.  You’re getting trojans and bots.  You’re getting infected.  And you’re giving something out for free too.  Information and more trojans and bots.

I also realize that the majority of the people who read this blog are coming because they are computer professionals or techie types (and that you’re probably running legit copies).  But, there may be a few who aren’t.  That’s why I’m posting this and talking tough.

This security update has been out for over a month now.  And over a month ago it should have been stopped dead in it’s tracks.  But since security experts are still finding bots, it’s obvious that some people missed the boat.  It’s time to grab a lifejacket and fix the problem.

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