Moving the blog finally….

The time is up to renew my Office Live domain ( ) so I’m going to be migrating it, as well as this blog over to a BlueHost webhosting site in the next few weeks.  I will keep this site updated as well, for a few months—just to ease the transition.  The new link will either be or   (Neither of those are live now, but soon they will be).  I expect to do this in the next three to four days (as my renewal comes up before May 17).  So, if you happen to send an email to my address, and it bounces, resend it the next day (as they will require about 24 hours to migrate my mail accounts over).

I’ll update this post when I start the migration, and when it’s completed.  And while I will post here for a few months, my posts will have a link to the new site in them.

Have a great day:)

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