Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2010 and Office 2010 1

This is slightly old news, but Microsoft released Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.  You can get more details on what it includes and the new features at along with prices.  If you are a student, then you should be able to download it from your college’s MSDNAA site, or you can sign up at to download it for free.  You will have to use your campus email address, as they verify that you are a student.

Microsoft also finalized and released to manufacturing, their Office 2010 suite.  For students, they include a special version of the “Professional” version for $99.00.  (This price is per ZDNet, as I haven’t seen the final prices).  If you’re a Technet subscriber, you can download it now.  Otherwise it will be available to the general public in June.  You can also purchase the Office 2007 Ultimate Steal (if you are a college student) right now at and are eligible for an upgrade to Office 2010 for free when it’s actually available.  Essentially this means that you’ll only have to pay $69.00 or so for Office 2010 Ultimate (or any version that they send you for the upgrade)—which is well worth the money.

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