Malware Gravitates to Social Networks


Malware Gravitates to Social Networks

This isn’t something new, as anyone who’s been on Myspace or Facebook knows.  But malware is definitely finding a home on social networking sites (digg, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.) and causing problems.  The basic rule is that malware will go where the largest target-base is.  For the longest time (and still to this day) it was “Windows-based” computers and networks.  Now, because of advancements in PC Security (which there is a long ways to go), they use social engineering to catch people.  Which means, they’re looking for new target-bases.

Don’t Click Me…

Now that you’re back here, you understand how Social Engineering works.  That could easily have taken you to a site which would have exploited a hole in your browser or Operating System, and installed malware.  If you didn’t take the time to check that site out, I suggest clicking the link again.  The site is the United States Cyber Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) site, and they have a lot of good information about the latest vulnerabilities that are affecting computer users today.  For non-techie people, they have the same information in laymen’s terms and tips (like the one you clicked on “Social Engineering”).

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