Looking for Key Signings

This is just a short post about Open PGP keys. I’ve configured some for my e-mail accounts, and am looking for people to sign them. Preferably people who are within driving distance of either Muscatine, IA, Decatur, IL, or Fremont/Omaha, NE.

If you are not within driving distance, but still want to sign keys (and have your keys signed), we can work out some method of doing it. If you are in the United States, we can verify the keys over the phone using a predetermined passphrase, or via electronic means.

For the people who aren’t aware of what Open PGP is, it’s a form of digital certificates. Where the certificates from companies like Thawte and VeriSign are only verified by that company, Open PGP is verified by multiple users. In the past, there have been “key signing” parties, where groups of people gathered together and signed each other’s keys. However you don’t hear about those anymore– and there are none in my local area.

For more information about Open PGP, check out http://www.gnugpg.org. And if you have keys and are interested in signing mine (and having yours signed), send me an e-mail at sales at patscomputerservices dot com. Or feel free to leave a comment below, and we will make the arrangements after.

Have a great night:)


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