Linux Scripts

Most of these scripts are modifications from other people’s work. Where appropriate, I will credit them and provide links to their original scripts. If you have any issues with the scripts in this section, please contact me. Some of them are old (and haven’t been tried recently), so they may not work with the most up to date distributions. If that’s the case, then I will gladly work on fixing them for you. Also if you modify the scripts, I would appreciate it if you allow me to host the modified versions (or incorporate those modifications into my copies) if I like them.

**** Before you run these scripts, read through them. If you don’t understand what the commands do, then find out. While I can certify that my scripts (and my updates to scripts) are not intended to harm your computer, I cannot and will not make the same guarantee about other scripts (or the portions of scripts that others have written). In the end, you shouldn’t just download and run anything without understanding what it does. With great power comes great responsibility. And that power/responsibility is yours. ****

The first script is called “PerfectBuntu”. It was originally created for the Hardy Heron distribution, and I’ve been updating it to work with subsequent versions. Most of the modifications are minor, however some of the files have changed. There may be issues with the files not being available for older versions.

Conky script (Ubuntu). This is the configuration file that I use with conky on my Ubuntu distributions. One thing to note about it is that the “display-dhammapada” script doesn’t work correctly–so you’ll want to change that to something else. Also you’ll need to update the weather information for your location.

Conky script (Fedora). The same thing applies here as does the Ubuntu version. In this version, you’ll find three conkyrc files. The .conkyrc is my most current version, and the other two are previous (possibly non-working) versions. Feel free to tweak them as you wish, and feel free to share your updated version with me (or online in general).

Ronhalfs script (LFS) This is a script that was made to simplify the creation of the Linux From Scratch. You absolutely must have the system prepped before using this script, as it starts with one of the later chapters. So, you’ll have to do some of the heavy lifting–this script just does the rest for you.  Essentially it covers Chapters 4 through 6, so you’re responsible for Chapters 1 through 3, and 7 and above.

Ronhalfs version 7 (LFS). This script is the sequel to the Ronhalfs script. It was updated for the latest version of the Linux From Scratch project. However the same caveats from the first script apply. My personal suggestion is this: Run the first script. Learn what it does, then wipe that system and run this script. Or Run the first script, and learn what it does. Then wipe the system and try it on  your own. If you run into problems that you can’t fix, wipe again and run this version.