Linux Section

There are almost as many distributions of Linux as there are people using them.  It’s fairly easy to create your own distro, if you want.  Some of them are more “user friendly” (meaning that someone coming over from another operating system will be able to adapt easily), while others are more advanced.

This section will be dedicated to all things Linux. I’ll cover some of the major distributions (like RedHat/Fedora/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu/Mint) and even the Linux From Scratch project. The section will be broken down into General tips and troubleshooting, Fedora/RedHat tips and troubleshooting, Debian/Ubuntu/Mint tips and troubleshooting, and Linux From Scratch tips and troubleshooting. I won’t go into the more advanced distributions (aside from the LFS Project), although I may decide to in the future.

Also you will find some scripts that I’ve written (or revised from other people’s work) in this section.

Here are some links to the various linux tips and tricks
General Linux Tips


Linux From Scratch


MythTV (Home Theater PC)

Scripts and Downloads

Amahi Home Server