Linux Day 6 finished

Well I accomplished most of what I wanted to do yesterday.  I watched television (and recorded some things), played movies in XBMC and tweaked it a little to add a function that they are strangely missing (the Eject button), and migrated more things to gmail.  I believe that I only have four or five e-mails to go, and I’m all set (and a couple of those are "I really don’t care" ones).

For starters, how to fix the lack of an eject button.  In my case, I did the dirty method (of altering the Favorites button).  What you need to do is find the directory (or folder on Windows) for the skin that you are using (in my case it’s Confluence 720p), then edit the Home.xml file.  The quick and dirty method is to change the action from whatever to XBMC.EjectTray() and alter the description to match.  I removed the texture controls tags, so it shows a blank box (but you can probably find a texture control that shows the Eject button).

It’s strange that they don’t include this in at least the Windows/Linux/Mac versions (I’m not sure if it’s supported on the X-Box at all or not).  Especially since if you try clicking "Play" without a DVD, it brings up the option to Play or Eject (open/close) the tray.  So for any XBMC developers who may check this blog, PLEASE include an Eject DVD button on the DVD controls window. (I believe it’s the "PlayerControls.xml file that would be the best place for an eject button, but I’m not sure).

I also discovered that for some odd reason my online learning labs don’t work properly in Chrome on Linux.  Oddly enough it’s not all of them–only one.  I think it has to do with the fact that I was tagged as a Presenter in his lab, where in my Live chats, I’m a participant.  But, it means that I have to try firefox, or switch to Windows, in order to view the lab correctly.  The tech support people at the college aren’t familiar enough with Chrome on Linux, to be able to help out with it.  In fact they said that it doesn’t work very well at all.  So, I guess when I’m doing my course work, it will have to be in Firefox.

Anyhow, tonight’s the last night…  I’ll most likely stay in Linux until I wake up tomorrow (to make up for the hours that I spent in Windows this week).  And maybe I’ll stay in Linux afterwards.  I just need to get a few things ironed out, and it’s off to the races. I know Windows Home Server will be glad to see me boot into Windows again.  It would be nice if someone would figure out a way to back up your Linux systems to WHS as well (it wouldn’t be able to happen through Windows though).  Of course that would require Microsoft to release the API for the connector software–and we know THAT will probably never happen.

Have a great day:)

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