Linux Day 5/6

Day 5 is over, and Day 6 is just starting…  What did I learn last night?  Well, I spent a good portion of the evening trying to get certain applications to always open up on specific workspaces.  For the Windows people, workspaces are like virtual desktops.  You can have as many as your memory will allow (if there’s a maximum number, I’m not sure).  And you can organize each one to do certain tasks.  For example, I have my Main Desktop, Mail Twitter & RSS desktop, Programming desktop, and IM desktop.  If you have all of the "bells and whistles" installed for compiz, then the taskbar will only show the applications open on that specific desktop.  Otherwise, they all show up, and you can click on one to switch to it.  It’s organization at it’s finest–and built right into Linux (not a downloaded application like WIndows).

The way to go about this is Alt + F3 (which opens the menu option on the top left corner of the window in focus) –> Advanced –> Special Application Settings –> Geometry tab —> Desktop. Select either "Remember" or "Force" and choose the desktop that you want.  It ***should*** put all windows from that application on that desktop.  So far, it works perfectly.

I’m still migrating mail over to my gmail addresses.  I think I have about 90% of it done.  The other 10% is either things that I’ve missed, people that I just haven’t sent a notice to, or junk that I don’t really care about anyhow.  Since I’m keeping the hotmail and msn addresses (for now at least), I’m not too worried about them.  I’ll probably be doing this for a week or two.

Another thing I finally figured out was how to play my music from my windows server on here through Amarok and other music players.  They all seemed to balk at using SaMBa for it, so I mounted the directory into a subdirectory off of my Home.  (Note for Windows users, folders == directories.  It’s a semantic thing).

The command is :   mount.cifs // /home/yourusername/subfolder/  You can use mount -t smbfs in place of mount.cifs (I was having problems with mount -t, so I did it this way).  And change the IP address to your servers name or your IP address  (for example mount.cifs //WORKGROUP/Servername/directory/ /home/patrickdickey/musicfromnetwork/)  You should be prompted for a username and password, if you don’t have them stored somewhere (or you can use the -o user=username option).

It’s funny.  I’m doing all of these things (like installing a firewall– firestarter on Kubuntu, setting up compiz to make my computer have fancy effects, getting my music mounted over, installing programming applications and such, etc) and I’ll probably go back to Windows in three days.  Why would I do all of this?  Because when I decide "Hey, I want to play in Linux some more" or I decide "Hey, I’m sick of Windows.", all I have to do is boot into Linux and it’s ready to go…  Now, if I could only get the latest version of Karmic to boot–I’d probably only leave when I had to.

What’s on the agenda for today…. I’m going to rent some movies and watch them in XBMC (if it doesn’t freeze up like last night).  I’m going to write more blog posts.  Maybe watch some tv (on the television, since my video cards aren’t supported on Linux), and shop.  Plus I’ll tinker around with this some more.  Maybe I’ll make a video podcast of my desktop and experiences.

Have a great day:)

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