Linux Day 1

*** I tried to send this out on Day 1, but it wouldn’t go, so I’m posting it tonight.***

It’s the end of the first day, and I spent 99% of it on Linux. The first half
hour, I was on Windows trying to get my Outlook calendar exported over
to my gmail account. After that, it was all Linux–all day. I moved a
mouse for about 30 seconds on Windows (while tutoring in Visual
Basic.NET) but that’s all.

Things that I’m learning and solutions. The POP access for Live
(Hotmail) e-mail sucks. You get one folder — inbox. It doesn’t support
the UIDL standard (which I didn’t understand until later on), which
means that clients like KMail and Evolution can’t tell it “Hey, I’ve read
this.” or “Hey, I’ve deleted that.” Basically that means that I have to
read my e-mails, and then go to the website to mark them read (or wait
and mark them read in Outlook next week). And since I have messages
sorted into subfolders, I have to log into the website to check those…
This IS NOT a fault of Linux. It’s a fault with how Microsoft implements
their POP access. I didn’t try their IMAP as I’m not entirely sure that it
works (or is any better).

My Solution? I created gmail accounts for each one of my hotmail ones.
As I’m typing this, the Google mail importer is moving my mail over from
each account to it’s respective Gmail account. It will take a couple of
days probably. But at least everything will be over. Now, I will start the
tedious task of changing my e-mail accounts everywhere to the gmail
account (so I can access it there instead of hotmail). Ironically enough,
I’ve had the hotmail account for 10 years–and would continue except
for the fact that I can only access it through Outlook, Outlook Express,
or Windows Live Mail (I’m choking on that) without having to jump
through hoops.

Enough of the Microsoft rant.

Problem 2. I can’t get my SMIME certificates to validate in KMail, so that
I can send signed e-mails. They validate and work beautifully in
Evolution. I may end up going back to Evolution–although I have KMail
set up more or less how I want. If anyone knows how to get them to
validate, that would be awesome. The certificates are through

I still miss some things about Windows. Especially Windows 7. I keep
hovering over my taskbar, waiting for the thumbnail to come up… For
the most part, it was just click and go with Windows. That being said, I
think it still took me a day or two to get it just the way I wanted it. So, I
can’t say much about Linux in that respect.

I won’t be able to print from Linux. My Lexmark X2350 isn’t supported
(at least that I can find). Again, it’s not Linux’s fault. It’s Lexmark who
isn’t creating drivers for the Operating System. That’s ok though. I’ve
got three other printers laying around that still work. If nothing else, I’ll
see if one of them will work, and use that for the week.

Believe it or not, aside from my rants, I’m enjoying my time here. And if
I can find solutions to my problems, I may just stay here for a while. If
worse comes to worse, I can always flip to Windows long enough to print
or whatever, and come back here for the rest. Or, I can set up the
second printer (if it works with Linux) and print to it. I can even set it
up on Windows, and share it to Linux.

Tomorrow will be a new day. And tomorrow, I’ll be getting down to
business. Classwork awaits.

Have a great day:)

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