Kubuntu (Ubuntu) releases Karmic Koala (or 9.10) today.

Connonical is releasing their latest version of the Ubuntu Linux Operating System on October 29, 2009.  I downloaded the RC version of Kubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and have installed it on two computers so far.  In the next few posts, I plan on showing you how to install Kubuntu, and how to do things in it.

Part of the reason for this series of posts is this:  If you read any of the tech blogs, you see “fanboys” of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.  They are all eager to tell you how great their Operating System is and how horrible the others are.  The sad reality is that the average person will read these comments and dismiss the operating system because of them. 

My intention is to show you first-hand how to use Kubuntu.  By doing that, I hope that you will make an honest decision about whether sticking with Windows or migrating to Kubuntu (or any version of Linux) is right for you.  Ironically enough, I’m running Kubuntu inside of a VirtualBox virtual machine.  And it is running on Windows 7.  Reasoning?  Because for me it’s easier to take the screenshots from Windows (although I could take them inside of Kubuntu)—and keep them small enough for people to download.  Who knows though..  Maybe two days into this, I will just use Kubuntu to do the entire series.  We shall see….

Have a great day:)

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