Kubuntu 9.10 – A look around Part 2

In my last post, I started to look at the menu and desktop in Karmic Koala.  However, I left off the last two Menu items (Recently Used and Leave).  So I’m adding those here.

The recently used menu item is the same as your Most Recently Used list in Windows.  It will show the most recently used applications for you to find easily enough.


It also includes the most recently visited places (as referenced by cdrom0).  Something to note here, your CD-Drives are referred to as cdrom0, cdrom1, etc…  And they are found in /media instead of “My Computer” (although you can access them through the Dolphin file manager).

The Leave menu makes the Shutdown menu in Windows appear more user-friendly.  In Vista, you had small dialog boxes that appear with the options (aside from the defaults which were the buttons).  In Linux, you have an entire menu window filled with the options.


When you click on one of the options (such as Hibernate, Restart, or Shutdown), you’ll be presented with the following window:


You can either wait for the timer to countdown, click the button to do it immediately, or click Cancel (or possibly outside of the button) to stop it from shutting down.

As mentioned in my previous post, I will talk about updating Kubuntu (and Linux in general) and then I will dig into the taskbar a little deeper (in the following post).

Have a great day:)

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