I’ve finally made the move from blogspot.com

As some of you can see, if you went to my old blog site at patscompservices.blogspot.com, you ended up here. Originally I was going to post new content on both sites, and eventually move over here. However, in searching for information on migrating from Blogger to a WordPress site, I found out how to redirect my old followers here.  Thus, I haven’t lost anyone that’s subscribed to my blog, people going to my old blog will end up in the “right” place, and I don’t have to double post.

You can find the information on making the switch from blogspot to wordpress at either http://www.doitwithwp.com/blogger-to-wordpress or http://www.labnol.org/internet/switch-from-blogger-to-wordpress/9707/ (which is referenced by the first link). About the hardest part of the move is in switching your blogger layout back to the classic version. It’s not in “Layout > Edit HTML” (at least not when I did it). It’s under Template, all the way down at the bottom “Revert to Classic Template”.

Hope you enjoy the new site as much as I’ll enjoy creating it for you.

Have a great day:)

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