It’s been a busy year…

Hi everyone,
It’s been a busy year for me. Between working, taking classes (and tutoring other students), and beta testing software, I haven’t had the time to blog here like I want to. I am thinking about making a couple of changes that would increase the number of posts here. But, I want to get some opinions of the people who check here occasionally first.

On a daily/weekly basis, I receive in my e-mail accounts, tips on how to use Windows and also security alerts for various products including (but not limited to) Windows, Linux, and other software programs. What I’m thinking about doing is creating a weekly post with all of the tips and tricks (along with links to their original articles on the websites they come to me from) and a weekly synopsis of the security alerts that are sent to me.

What I would love to hear from anyone that reads this blog is this. Would you be interested in this weekly post? Also, are there any specifc items that you want me to look for (in relation to the security alerts)? There are days where I receive upwards of 30 or more alerts on everything from Windows to brand x’s software program. So, what alerts would you like to see, and what alerts won’t you care about? Finally, I would like to know if anyone would want to receive this ‘newsletter’ post in their e-mail, instead of having to come here to read it.

So, let me know what you think. If there seems to be an interest, or if I just decide to try it out and drum up the interest as I go, I will start this on April 1. The posts will come either on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (depending on my work schedule). So let me know your opinions.

Have a great evening everyone,

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