It’s April Fools Day—Are you a fool today?

Well, it’s officially April 1 in some parts of the world.  As of this posting, it’s 1:35 am GMT.  I have a monitor in my System Tray that gives me an idea what the status of the Internet is (the Internet Traffic Report widget on the sidebar).  Right now, it’s hovering around 81% which is around the same as yesterday.  Granted only a few time zones are in April 1, but it’s still a good sign.

In 2 hours 21 minutes, the US will be in April.  So, we’ll start seeing what happens here.  By 2:00 am CDT, most of the US will be in April (aside from Alaska and Hawaii) and most of North America will be in April as well.  It’s easy to stay nation-centric and simply say “The US”.  But the truth is parts of South America will be in April before we start. 

Here’s a breakdown of when certain areas will be in April:

South America:  Brazil will be in April at the time this post is published.  Central South America will be in April in 1 hour.  Western South America will be in April in 2 hours (along with Eastern US).  Central America will be in April in 3 hours (along with Central US).  Then the rest of the US will follow suit.

So, as you can see, with 10 million PC’s affected, and if a number of them are in Central or South America, then by the time we hit April, a good number will already be active.  Something else that isn’t being considered is this.  If the creators have instructions up, and decide to send an update out which propagates the update through it’s P2P mechanism, then there’s a chance that the entire net will update before parts of it reach April 1.

The point of this post is this.  It’s already April 1 in most of the world.  So, if you aren’t seeing any slowdown in the Internet, and the world isn’t ending already, then it’s probably not going to happen.  There may be slowdowns in the Internet as the day goes on, but for the most part it should have started already if it was going to.  By 6:00 am CDT, everyone should be in April and some will be heading into April 2.  So, by then everything should have happened as the last few time zones are mainly islands and ocean.

Does this mean that Conficker is a dud? No.  What it means is that as of right now, the creators still aren’t doing anything with it.  Or it means that it’s silently updating from domains that it checked.  Does it mean that it’s dead? NO.  It just means that something else is in store.

So, just because April is here doesn’t mean that we can relax.  You still need to check to see if you’re infected (because somewhere around 10 million of you are) and get the virus removed.  Otherwise when the creators are ready to do something, they’ll have plenty of unwitting assistants in their game.

Have a great day:)


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