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This is going to be a list of IPv6 accessible websites.  Some of them will be accessible regardless of whether you have IPv6 enabled or not, but others will only be available via IPv6.  As I get more, I will add them to the list…  Here we go.

http://penrose.uk6x.com/ Countdown to the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses

Checking to see whether you have IPv6 enabled:


http://www.ipv6.org (also has information and an older list of sites)



Search engines:  (There’s only one that actually has an IPv6 address that I know of)

http://ipv6.google.com (will return an error if you don’t have IPv6 enabled)

A list of Internet Providers who will give you an IPv6 address (I’m going to call a few around the US to find out if they offer it as well)


http://ipv6.comcast.net/ Comcast is running IPv6 trials, and has this portal

 http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/ Cambridge University Institute of Astronomy (IPv6 only)

http://www.ipv6.org.uk/workshop/ Workshop with different information on IPv6

http://www.surgeradio.co.uk/ Surge Radio (UK)

www.ipv6.ecs.soton.ac.uk IPv6 at Southampton University (may not load)

And most importantly…..

www.v6.facebook.com  Facebook has IPv6 access.  Now that’s a reason to switch (granted it looks the same as IPv4, but by using it, you’ll be helping the Internet)

I’ve sent comments to LinkedIN and MySpace to find out if, and when, they’ll have IPv6 capabilities.  Also, Google has IPv6 capability enabled on quite a few of their sites.  Including YouTube.

Comcast is testing out IPv6 and will hopefully phase it in within the next year.  This is the dilemma for people.  Everyone knows that the end of IPv4 is coming.  And most know that it will be within the next two years.  But, since they believe that even after all of the IPv4 addresses are doled out they’ll still be able to function, no one’s in a hurry to transition.  So, it’s up to US the people to convince them to make the change.

As I get more sites, I’ll update this list.

Have a great daySmile

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