Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 in Glass

Hi everyone,
As I mentioned in the last post, here is what MSN Chats look like in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 (in Windows Vista with glass running). Something to note about IE is that currently the “Java” version (from sun at isn’t “Glass compatible”. So, if you go to a site that requires Java (or use a program which requires Java), Windows will automatically shut down the “Glass Effects” until you close the program (regardless of whether you go to a site that doesn’t require Java or stay on the same site). The nice thing is, Sun will have their Java working soon. Definitely, it will be working before Vista goes RTM (Released To Manufacturing or Released To the Masses).
So, without further ado, here’s IE7.

Like my earlier post, you can see the transparencies that Glass provides. Another thing that I should point out (from the Systray) is the “Smile and Frown” icons. These are from the Office 2007 Beta. If you have an issue with an Office product, you click on “Send a Frown” and tell them about it (it will include a screenshot of what you’re seeing at the time). If you see something that you absolutely love, you click “Send a Smile” and it will include a screenshot of that also.

I hope you’re enjoying seeing Vista, as much as I’m enjoying showing it to you. In my next posts, I’ll talk more about the security and the other aspects of Vista. And, I’ll start showing you Office 2007.


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