Incident Response information from the ISC.

If you’re looking for information on how to prepare for or handle Incident responses for your company, educational institution, or even your personal home network then I suggest that you head over to the Internet Storm Center

This entire month, they are doing a series on Incident Response Teams.  The first 4 days were preparation tips, the next 7 days were how to sort incidents from events, and now we’re into the Evidence Gathering and Containment Phase.

I’ve been copying the information into a OneNote notebook for future references, and have found a few things useful already.  The handlers are giving their analysis of how to handle the incidents, and then updating with real world tips from people in the field. 

The mitigation section (later on this month) will probably be the most useful for the home user, but everything will be valuable in some fashion no matter what you do for a living—or how big your network is.

So enjoy their information and have a great day:)


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