How the open source community could save your life | 1

How the open source community could save your life |

This article makes some really valid points.  After all look at how many drugs have been pulled from the market, years after they were introduced.  And since most medical devices are basically micro-computers in themselves, you really should be concerned about how well they work.

It’s not a perfect solution (because there is no such thing).  But, the question remains:  Would you trust your life to the manufacturer of the device, who on one hand wants to save lives, but on the other hand is in a push to get the device out the door quickly; or would you rather trust your life to a group of people who are constantly going through the devices code—making sure that the bugs are fixed before you (or anyone else) gets into a scenario where they’re triggered?

I, for one, agree with the presenter.  Now that I’ve seen this, I’ll want to know more about the device and the code behind it.  Because the people and company making the device aren’t the ones who won’t ever see my family and friends again… I am.

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