Google Chrome (Part 2)

Well, I’ve found something with the University of Phoenix that I’m not too happy about as far as Chrome goes.  I noticed this the last few days, but didn’t think much of it.. Until tonight.  When I post in the forums and download them into a newsreader, Chrome’s rendering of HTML is horrible.  In fact, the newsreader that I’m using (Windows Mail) shows the actual html tags in place of their formats.

Now, someone is thinking “That’s because you’re using Windows Mail (or OE).”  Here’s the thing though.  Posts written in Firefox and Internet Explorer come through fine.  And my instructor asked me to fix my HTML problem, because it’s clogging the school’s servers. 

So, in as much as I love using Chrome there, it’s out of the question until they fix that issue…

Now, as for what Google hypes about Chrome.  No, it’s not totally perfect as far as security goes.  Within hours of their release, four vulnerabilities were discovered.  All four of them would have allowed someone to execute code on a user’s system.  And at least two of them didn’t require active user intervention (one automatically downloaded files to the desktop, and one activated if you hovered over a link).

So, what’s different between Chrome and Internet Explorer or Firefox?  Chrome has been out a week, and all four of those vulnerabilities are fixed (pending testing by researchers).  The new version was distributed via automatic updates.

How about the crash-proofing?  Well, it’s not perfect.  I’ve had a couple of crashes where Windows just popped up the Problem And Reporting dialog box.  As for “one tab crashing and not taking the whole browser down” I’ve seen it in action. 

I opened up my myspace account, and had another tab open.  Myspace locked up, but I was able to go into the other tab without any problems.  This afternoon, the Adobe Acrobat Plugin crashed in one tab.  I clicked “Ok” on the box, and the tab went blank.  But, the other tabs were working fine.  I simply closed the pdf file tab, and went on with my day.

So, while certain sites won’t work with Chrome (Sharebuilder is one that I know of off-hand), and it doesn’t play very nice with my college site, I have to give Chrome two thumbs up.  It won’t be my default browser until I can safely use it in my college, but it’s good enough that I’ll manually choose it over anything else.

Until next time, have a great night everyone.


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