From the NYTimes: The Defenders of Free Software

The Defenders Of Free Software (Subscription may be required but is free for accessing online articles. Update: If you view more than 20 articles in a single month, you’ll be required to sign up for a paid subscription.)

This article is about one person who works for the site in encouraging companies that use Open Source software to follow the licensing agreements.

I wanted to point it out for two reasons:

    1. It discusses how deeply Open Source software really is becoming rooted into our society


  • It also discusses the fear that companies have of Open Source software developers coming after them for money


The reality is that the companies are basing their fear out of the tactics of the “Closed Source” companies–not the principles of Open Source. The developers and are not trying to make a quick buck (although I would imagine that all of them would appreciate something in return for their efforts). They are trying to promote the use of Open Source (and trying to make sure that companies don’t steal the code).
As was mentioned in the article, while a “Closed Source” company will send lawyers after the violator (at the very least they will start with a Cease-and-Desist Letter), the Open Source community will first try to get the violator to correct the issues. ONLY If the violator refuses (or fails) to correct the issue, will they resort to Cease-And-Desist Letters or lawyers.
Kind of a better system, don’t you think?

Have a great day:)

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