Free security awareness training on-line from InfraGard – isc

 Free security awareness training on-line from InfraGard – isc

I’m posting this because it’s a good seminar for corporations to show their employees.  At one of my previous employments (Monsanto), we were required to do Computer Based Training and shortly before I left, they were just getting started on educating their employees about Cyber Security.  This awareness training would go a long ways towards that education.

The awareness training is free and aimed more at the low-level employee (as opposed to an Information Security Specialist).  The training is free, however if you want to take an examination to earn a certificate, that will cost you $24.95.  You can try to take the exam as many times as you need to pass.  The exam is 100 randomly chosen questions.

If you’re in charge of IT at a corporation, then you may want to consider this as an option for your employees.  If nothing else, you would want the training.  As an option, you could pay for the employees to take the examination.

For home users, the training would be good also.  Even though the training is geared towards the corporate employee, everything they discuss could be applied to a home environment.  Strong passwords, good antivirus protection, safer surfing habits, protecting laptop data, not leaving your financial or other important papers out for anyone to find, and shredding important documents amongst other topics are presented.

I haven’t checked out the second link that was presented in the diary.  However the handler that wrote the diary gives it high marks too.

Let me know what you think about the sites in the diary, and about the idea of the awareness training in general.  Do you think that it would be a beneficial thing to present to employees? And do you think that it would be beneficial for home-users?

Have a great day:)

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