For Sunbelt-Kerio Firewall Users

I’m posting a link to an older article (from around January 2006) which shows you how to add “snort signatures” to your Kerio Firewall. The article is referencing the WMF vulnerability that was going on then, but the information is valid for any snort signatures that you may have.

Also, I would like to point you in the direction of “Bleeding-edge” which offers up the latest signatures for you to download, and allows you to suggest/work on signatures. is the link to their homepage.

The reason I’m posting this? Because with the latest IE vulnerability floating around, you may want to consider including these SNORT signatures in your firewall. I wanted to include them, but couldn’t find anything in the knowledge base on how to do it. So, I went back through my old copies of WinXPNews and WinSERVERNews (from Sunbelt) and found the link to the blog entry.

Hope this helps someone who’s looking for this information. Also, if your personal firewall doesn’t allow you to add SNORT signatures to it, you may want to consider switching to Kerio.


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