Fixing Microsoft’s Leaky Pipes

This is probably one of the best analogies about Microsoft, security, and the changes that are coming in Windows Vista. It shows, in a different perspective, how Microsoft is not trying to squash their competition, but how they are only doing what we’ve been screaming at them to do for the past few years.

Security companies are screaming that Microsoft is locking them out of the market, by eliminating their methods of tying into the Operating System (in the 64bit versions of Windows Vista). However, Microsoft is really doing what we’ve been screaming at them for years to do. They’re locking down the kernel (the brain and nervous system of the Operating System), so hackers can’t hide their malicious programs. Unfortunately, it’s an “all-or-nothing” approach. By locking out the hackers, Microsoft is also locking out the good guys.

Ms. Forster points out that a recent CNBC interview with one of Microsoft’s security Corporate Vice President. He tried to do an analogy, and it backfired. So, instead of the interviewer coming off with the understanding that this is in our best interests (and that the security companies are crying ‘foul’ for no good reason), the interviewer took the side of the security vendors.

Ms. Forster’s analogy is a much better example. And, it shows in a clearer sense what Microsoft is doing, and why they’re doing it. I encourage everyone to read this, and either digg it, or post comments to the original article (registration is required, but it’s worth it), the post, or here.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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