Environmentally friendly computing

My next series of topics will be about “Green Computing” or environmentally friendly computing.

While most people are aware of the “Energy Star” rating system for their computers and other appliances, I’m going to delve into other aspects of the Green Computing concept.  I may also delve into some of the other tips for making your home an environmentally friendly place to live.

In an earlier post, I touched on how to become more environmentally conscious with your car or other vehicle.  I’m a big fan of wind and solar energies, and am a member of the Pickens Plan.  While he may not have the right solution, I believe that Mr. Pickens has one solution that will help.

My first post on becoming more environmentally friendly will be on a program called “Green Print.  I’m using this program right now, and I have to say it’s helping in it’s own way.

Have a great day:)

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